Shipping costs apply to all orders and vary according to the destination country: in any case, the shipping costs will be visible during the order confirmation phase and automatically updated when the customer selects a destination country. For countries outside the European Union, any customs duties are charged to the recipient and cannot be viewed at the time of purchase.


– All orders confirmed by AmarFood will be delivered to the shipping address specified by the user when confirming the order.

– Generally the shipment is prepared within 24 working hours from receipt of payment (except for lack of products) and then delivered to the courier. Orders placed over the weekend or on public holidays are processed on Monday or the following working day. Generally AmarFood is able to deliver orders in 24-48 working hours, but it certainly undertakes and will do everything possible to ensure deliveries within 7 working days from order confirmation, barring unforeseen events.

– The delivery time also depends on the order management time: postponed payment methods such as bank transfer (to make which you have 3 days to carry out), can delay the shipment.

– In the case of purchase in recurring mode, AmarFood will send the first shipment within 1-2 days of order confirmation and will arrange for subsequent recurring deliveries to be aligned at the beginning of the month or quarter, depending on the frequency of purchase chosen by the Customer

– Deliveries can be made only in the countries indicated on this site. The list is available in the drop-down menu when entering the address.

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